The K31-XXI Blitz muzzle brake

CHF 135.00CHF 190.00 (TVA incl.)

The ultimate K31 muzzle brake.


The Ultimate K31 chassis spirit comes to muzzle brakes: rugged, low drag, high speed, high precision, no compromise, built for the field.

Parts are machined from armory Chro-Moly steel, and receive mil-spec manganese phosphate coating for ultimate corrosion and wear resistance.

The K31-XXI Blitz mounting base does not require any modifications to the weapon, and the Blitz-R brake was calculated to provide a balance of recoil reduction, muzzle rise compensation and moderate sonic blast return (your spotter and your mates at the range would appreciate).

The full assembly weights less than 160 grams, which ensures a perfect balance of the carbine, even in imrovised shooting positions. Adds only 52 mm to the total length of our favourite carbine.

Yes, the brake is perfectly compatible with the original wooden stock.

The assembly manual is available here:

Additional information

Weight 158 g
Dimensions 10.7 × 2.6 × 2.4 cm

Sans / None, Frein Blitz-R Brake, Adaptator 5/8"-24