The Alt-Pacifism Manifesto

Peace is the goal of every pacifist. Certain “pacifists” don’t have adequate tools to reach this goal, and have to resort to “non-violence”. In practice, however, their approach doesn’t work. This is rather unsurprising, because they are not real pacifists; these poor people simply don’t have any other choice.

But there is an alternative! Alt-Pacifism gives the key method: systematic use of Superior Firepower, until the adversaries resort to non-violence, whether they like it or not. Then Peace reigns ok, works every time.

Indeed, this pragmatic approach proved effective throughout the human history. As an example, highly scientific studies estimate that 11 grams of solid metal at 780 metres per second have 15000 to 20000 times more pacifying force than “Kumbaya” sang in choir. Furthermore, even a hypothetical possibility of truly efficient alt-pacifist arguments (also called fire-power) is several orders of magnitude more pacifying than throwing flowers (so called flower-power).

Alt-Pacifism is pacifism compatible with reality.

Alt-Pacifism: Peace, Love, Superior Firepower!