K31 range cards

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Range cards for a typical K31 chassis setup. Calculated for the ordnance GP11 ammo, standard barrel length, sight height (sight line above bore axis) of 70±5 mm, and a 100m zero. Unique development for Swiss landscape and climate. Built for the field, highly resistant PVC plastic support, weather-proof print. The entire content of the range cards, exactly as it is printed, is available for download in PDF  — we release it in public domain because information must be free.

Achtung! The cards for the GP11 of the old series (20th century production, until 1994) and the GP11 of the new series (21st century, from 2017) are not the same. The new GP11 uses a different powder, which changes the muzzle velocity, and therefore the ballistics. You have to choose what you need (or choose the last option — both sets of cards at the same time).

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Production GP11

GP11/20, GP11/21, Kit GP11/20+21